Saturday, May 27, 2017

Skip Day and Graduation

On Wednesday, I surprised Mark with a skip day. I broke the news when he woke up and he was very happy. He's been wanting to go see the "Wimpy Kid" movie so that's what we did.

We were almost the only people in the theater. It was us and 3 other people.

After the movie, we picked up Matthew from school early and went to lunch.

The next day was PreK graduation for Mark. We were taking pictures and he said he wanted to take a selfie with his iPad. So he did.

We got flowers fro Mrs. Barker and Mrs. Bonner. These were sooo pretty.

The stage is set!

And here they are.

These kiddos performed 3 songs for us and then were called up one at a time to walk across the stage.  It was so cute.

Mark was in a mood and didn't want to take pictures with anyone. I was lucky to get a few of him smiling. no pictures of me and him because he refused...

Then we went out to dinner to celebrate the next day with these guys and grandma & grandpa. His choice? Hibachi.

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