Saturday, May 20, 2017

Eighth Grade Graduation, Six Flags and Field Day

My weeks are going so fast as we get closer to the end of the school year. Lots of stuff going on in the Fishers' world. Michael had his 8th grade Promotion Ceremony on Tuesday. My little man got all dressed up! So handsome.

Then a couple of days later, Matthew had his 6th grade field trip to Six Flags. I'm not an amusement park fan, but I was happy to spend my day with this one and his buddies.

The group went on Mr. Freeze except for these two. They opted to wait and it was a loooong wait. While they waited, they played some games, won a couple of prizes....

...met up with a few other friends...

...went on this ride a gazillion times before they group finally emerged from the ride.

Then on Friday, this little guy had his Field Day! He was so excited for the games.

I love this little group. Mark will miss them so much next year.

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