Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend 2017

The boys had 4 days off of school for Memorial Day weekend, but we couldn't go anywhere because Michael has a soccer tournament. So we stayed home and did yard work - a ton of yard work. We trimmed and thinned out all our trees-we have a lot of trees-and trimmed all the bushes. 

This was the start of 2 of our 4 piles of yard waste. Imagine 4 of these piles but triple the size. We kinda of got carried away, but I'm so glad we got it all done. Now our yard does not look like a jungle anymore. If only we can just get rid of all the mosquitos!

In between yard work, we watched some soccer.

One of his soccer games got cancelled because of a huge thunder/lightning storm. We got caught in it and Mark freaked out and screamed the whole way to the car. We were all soaked by the time we got to the car so he wanted to take his shirt off.  The blanket calmed him down...

We also found some time for swimming...

he got cold so this was how he warmed up.

Then he went inside, grabbed a bag of chips with some water and relaxed. he said it felt like he was on vacation at a resort. Haha!

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