Thursday, August 14, 2014

What We Did - Week 30

Day 219 - Thur.
We had to run over to the mall and exchange some shoes.  Of course, we had to stop by the play area.  

Day 220 - Fri.
There was a lightning delay at Michael's 1st soccer game of the tournament. The boys were waiting it out in the truck.  

Day 221 - Sat.
Matthew, Mark and I went to breakfast while M and Michael were at the first soccer game of the day. We met up with them later for the 2nd game.

Day 222 - Sun.
Tournament Champs!  They played 2 awesome games today and only gave up 1 goal during the whole tournament. Go Solar!

Day 223 - Mon.
We stayed home all day because people were here ripping out our bathrooms.  We had to turn the air conditioner off so the dust wouldn't spread throughout our house.  It was a hot day so Mark was in his diaper all day.

Day 224 - Tues.
Today was a repeat of Monday and I took 0 pictures.

Day 225 - Wed.
These boys love popcorn!

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