Thursday, August 28, 2014

What We Did - Weeks 31 & 32

Day 226 - Thur.
Bathroom renovation in full swing.  This was what our master looked like.

Day 227 - Fri.
Mark had a playdate at the water park in Trophy Club.  He had so much fun.  When he walked through the gate, his eyes got really wide and he just started to run from one thing to the next!  He didn't know where to start.

Day 228 - Sat.
I had to go and pick up s couple of mirrors that I put on hold at Kirkland's in Ft. Worth. I took Matthew and Michael because they had an art class right after.  They were actually pretty well-behaved and Michael was very helpful.

Then it was off to art class at Texas U Can Paint.  I got bought a Groupon for two 2-hour sessions for the boys and thought they would have fun painting together.  I think they did, but not as much fun as I had imagined in my head.  They did so well,  I love that even though they were painting the same thing, there paintings came out differently.

These boys make my heart happy!

Day 229 - Sun.
I went and picked up the boys' wedding attire today and had Mark try on his suit.  Oh my word, how stinkin' cute is he.  He was so, sos excited that he is wearing a tie like Daddy.  "See? I have a tie just like Daddy."  I told him that I'm going to squeeze him so hard that his head is going to pop off.  He informed me that it was impossible because his head is attached. Love him!
Day 230 - Mon.
Looks like Mark picked up a little cold from somewhere or someone.  He was not feeling great today so we cuddled a lot.

Day 231 - Tues.
No Picture.  I had a quick meeting with my spirit shop ladies and M took Mark to the Gs for a little bit.  He still has his cold, but was feeling much better.

Day 232 - Wed.
We thought things were moving right along.  The bathroom pretty much still looks like this a week later. Very slow going.

Day 233  - Thur.
We went to Dove Water Park in Grapevine.  All three boys had a blast.  The big boys went on the big watersides and pool and the little boy had fun in the toddler area which was shaded. Love this park.

These boys actually enjoyed the pizza they had for lunch there.

Mark played with some big boys.  They had goggles on so he wore his too.
Day 234 - Fri.
Matthew had Meet the Teacher this morning and I had to be at the school super early to set up the Spirit Shop. We stopped by Starbucks for a little pick-me-up.

Day 235 - Sat.
Michael had a couple of scrimmages so we all went to see him play in McKinney.  It was very hot, but we were comfortable under out tent.

Day 236 - Sun.
No picture today.  We were busy preparing for the first day of school!

Day 237 - Mon.
First day of school.  I can't believe another summer is in the books. Love these boys, but I'm glad we will be back on a schedule and I get a break from their bickering for most of the day!

Day 238 - Tue.
Matthew wanted Michael to walk him to the bus stop because they had to "talk."
Day 239 - Wed.
Matthew has half days for the whole first week of school.  We had to go pick up some paint samples and decided to pick up some lunch.

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