Monday, August 04, 2014

Baby's First Movie

Another weekend just passed us by.  I can't believe it's August already and the boys will start school in 3 weeks!  And I'm so ready for it.  I'm ready for Fall and the cool weather.  I'm ready for football season and sweater weather.  I'm ready for all of it.  But still, it's kind of sad to think that time is passing by so quickly.

We took the boys to see Guardian of the Galaxy yesterday.  Yes, all 3 of them.  The boys didn't want to go at first, but in the end, they really enjoyed the movie.  And I did too.

This was Mark's first time at the movie theater!  M wanted to bring him but I was reluctant because I was thinking there was a 50/50% chance of him having a meltdown over something-brothers not sharing candy with him, theater being too loud, too dark, too crowded, etc.  There were a few seconds that made me nervous.  He asked to go home 5 minutes into the movie, but then fell asleep in my lap a few minutes later.  He woke up with about 10 minutes left and watched with us. He was so good!

When the movie was over, he walked out of the theater like he was a big boy.  He told me later that day that he had a really fun time at the movies, and that the movie had a "lot of fighting in it like the Lego movie."  Love that boy!

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