Monday, August 25, 2014

First Day of School

The day is here!! First day of school.  I'm so happy that the boys still let me take pictures of them with the signs. They were both a little nervous about the first day.

Matthew was nervous about his new class and his new teacher.  Apparently, Michael told him that his new teacher is "the meanest 4th grade teacher." I told him that she seems nice on Meet the Teacher.  He said "Every teacher acts nice at Meet the Teacher." Haha.

I tried to reassure him as best as I could.  I told him that I know his teacher more than Michael did because I was around here a lot more than Michael was. I'm hoping for a good year!

Michael was nervous about not knowing where to go on the first day.  This morning, we reviewed his schedule and went over his classroom map period by period. He seemed to feel better. I'm praying that their day goes smoothly!!!

Mark wanted to join the first day fun!

First day of school last year

Waiting for Matthew's bus.

I love these boys SO much!

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