Thursday, August 07, 2014

What We Did - Week 29

Day 212 - Thur.
Making himself a snack of Greek yogurt with berries and granola. He loves this stuff!

Then we went outside to play with some chalk.

Day 213 - Fri.
Friday selfie!

Day 214 - Sat.
We spent our morning playing with some blocks. He's very bossy about it.  He wants me to sit and play with him, but when I start building, he'll tell me that he needs to blocks that I'm playing with and  say things like, "No, that doesn't belong there" and "No , don't use that color, use light blue."

Day 215 - Sun.
We took the boys to see Guardian of the Galaxy! This was Mark's first time in a movie theater.

Day 216 - Mon.
Outside time with the water table.
Day 217 - Tue.
Getting comfortable, watching Caillou and snacking on blueberries.  I snapped this right after he told me, "No pictures right now."
Day 218 - Wed.
I found this letter that Michael wrote to himself last year while cleaning out my desk area.  So much fun to read. I didn't keep the note, but took a picture of it - something that I will be doing with my kiddos stuff instead of keeping everything.

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