Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Happy Tuesday

I'm happy to report that the boys had a great first day of school.  Matthew went to school very nervous and came home very excited about his new teacher.  He declared that she was so nice and that Michael was a liar.

Michael also came home very happy with his teachers and his classes. And he did not have any trouble finding his way around. He was hoping for an upper locker this year but was thwarted because of his height.  Apparently, the kiddos have to line up by height and the taller kids get the upper lockers.  Michael said he was the second shortest kid in 6th grade.  I'm not sure I buy that, but he certainly did not make the upper locker cut.  Poor guy.

Matthew also had his reading assessment yesterday.  His teacher said he did great.  I had no doubt that he would do well.

This went on while we waited for Matthew to finish up with his testing.  Mark jumped around from chair to chair playing "the monkey game."  He would jump off the chair and pretended that he fell and bumped his head. Silly boy. If he were my first child, I would have freaked out about the whole rolling around the school carpet thing. But he's not so I let him be.

On the bathroom renovation front, we currently have one working shower and one working sink. We are hoping for more after today.  I'm also hoping that everything goes smoothly.

We had a little bit of a panic yesterday when water started leaking from the upstairs guest bath down into my kitchen.  It was a horrible feeling.  Contractor guys says that it's been fixed and the leak has stopped so my fingers are crossed hoping that he's 100% right. These are the times when I wish M doesn't have to be away so much.

We have granite! Apparently, this bathroom had striped wallpaper and was turquoise in its past life.

The boys' bathroom was demo'ed yesterday.  Buh-bye, ugly white and navy tiles!

This morning, Matthew wanted Michael to walk him to the bus stop so they can "talk." About what, he wouldn't tell me.  These are the moments that I hope they have more of.

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