Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Has It Been That Long?

I've kind of taken an inadvertent hiatus from posting, haven't I?  Blame it on my little monkey.  He's been waking up very early so my power hour for getting things done disappeared.  As I'm typing, I hope that he stays asleep long enough for me at least finish this post.

Hes' been so clingy lately and I think maybe it's his age.  He wants me to hold him ALL. THE. TIME. I know that this is only a phase, but it is a very aggravating phase.  It's so hard to get things done!

Anyway, we've had a good week.  Last Friday, the boys got their progress report and they are doing great! Michael is making As in all his classes except for an 89 in Social Studies (and this is because he didn't have his folder organized for a folder check - he scored a 50% out of 100% so this brought his grade down).

Matthew made all As, except an 85 in Math.  We told him that it was good, but we know he can do better especially since he scored a perfect 100% in Science. I'm so proud of my boys!

On Monday, Mark and I went to get my car washed at the dealership in Grapevine so I decided to check out the Heritage Botanical Garden and Park because it was close by. I have to say that Grapevine has the best parks around.  Everything was so clean and play structure was the perfect size for toddlers! We ate our lunch and then Mark played for a little over and hour! He loved it and has finally decided that he's not afraid to go down the slides anymore.

Once he was done playing, we walked around the Garden until 5 minutes into it and I got 2 mosquitos bites.  Then WNV fears took over and we high-tailed it out of there.  I hate when it's so pretty outside and we can't even enjoy it because of the nasty bugs.

Yesterday, Jennie and Grandpa kept Mark for a couple of hours so I can go to the school and unpack the trinket inventory for the Spirit Shop opening on Thursday. And then there was a PTO meeting - uneventful, but I felt like I needed to be there since I'm on the Board and haven't been able to make it yet this year.

Grandpa took Matthew to baseball practice yesterday. Matthew has improved so much since he first started.  He had two games last weekend and only struck out once. The best thing about baseball is that he's actually excited about it.  He doesn't always want to go to practices, but when he's there, he has so much fun and he loves to play the game, especially when he is doing well.

And I can't end this without saying that I am so thankful for the cooler weather! Even though we have to cover ourselves in bug spray when we go outside, I'm relieved that it doesn't feel like we are stepping into an oven. I actually got to wear my boots on Saturday at Matthew's baseball game!

Here's my little slugger! He's so skinny and cute!

Last Friday, Mark and I went to a playdate at the Ft. Worth Zoo. It was a perfect day to enjoy outside and we got to see the baby elephants. Mark also loved feeding the birds in the aviary.

It was so chilly on Saturday that we finally broke out the sweater and jeans!

 I love his little expressions...

Playing in the playroom at the car dealership while we waited for our car to get washed.

We explored the vegetable gardens at the Heritage Botanical Garden.  Then Mommy got bit and we had to leave. Thankfully, Mark was spared.

We watched the cement mixer and construction crew put in some sidewalk. Mark seemed fascinated with the big trucks and the big noise.

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