Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Casey's Clubhouse

All my poor little boys have bug bites, even Michael!  Poor Matthew has 5 bites on one arm.  I've been spraying the boys before they get on the bus to go to school because there's a bit of a West Nile Virus scare going around. Some of the mosquitos around this area tested positive. I'm not one to freak out, but I am more conscious about spraying the boys now. I am still kicking myself for not spraying them on Sunday night.  I thought the citronella would keep the pesky things away.  Lesson learned!

I read about this playground called Casey's Clubhouse and wanted to take Mark there to play because it's suppose to be really nice and new. Yesterday was the perfect day so I did. 

It is one of the nicest playgrounds I have ever seen! There was also a pavilion with shade and tables - perfect for a little picnic. There are also lots of things there to play with/on, but Mark was a little too small for most things.  That didn't stop him from running around and having a great time.  I've discovered that he's more like Matthew when it comes to adventure.  He's a little more cautious. He does not jump in feet first like Michael.  It took him a while to experience the slide and he did not like the zipline. Halfway through the course he told me he was all done. I asked him if he wanted to try again. He said "no" and walked away. Haha. I'll have to bring the other 2 boys because they will love the zipline!

Getting ready to go play! He let me put the hat on him for about 2 minutes and pulled it off.

Before he got out of the car, I told him he had to put his hat on if he wanted to go and play.  He wore it for another 2 minutes.  To his credit, he took it off, handed it to me and said "take this" instead of just throwing it on the ground like his brothers would have done.

He loves anything with a steering wheel and he loves to drive!

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