Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Trying a New Sport

Matthew has tried a few sports, but has not found one that he really wants to stick with yet.  He played soccer last Spring and when I asked him if he wanted to do it again for the Fall, he said he would really rather try baseball. Hmmm..I thought back to last Fall when he wanted to try out lacrosse. Four hundred dollars in equipment/uniform and a few weeks later, he decided that it was not the sport for him.  We finished out the season, but it was like pulling teeth to get him to go to the practices.  To be fair, his coach was not very encouraging and I didn't think that he gave Matthew the attention that he gave to the other kids who were more skilled. Matthew thrives when he gets positive reinforcement and he gains confidence from that.  That's his style.

So when I heard he wanted to try out baseball, I was a little hesitant, but I signed him up anyway.  He had his first practice last Saturday and he had so much fun! He said that he really liked his coach and he's very excited to start.  He wants to be the best player by the first game. I'm not sure how long his enthusiasm will last but I'm hopeful.

Michael had a his 2nd soccer game of the season and his team won 7-0. I had to miss the game because it conflicted with Matthew's practice. I was a little bummed out but I really had fun watching Matthew practice. I took a blanket to sit on and some snacks for Mark and we were set.

This was Matthew before practice.  To say he was a little nervous is an understatement. He looked like he's about to walk the plank. But after a little while, he got more comfortable and by the end, he was excited about baseball.

Mark had fun running around while Matthew was practicing.  He met a 15-month old boy there and played with him a little. When the little boy started putting dirt on his leg, he freaked out and frantically wiped it off screaming, "I need towel, I need towel!"

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