Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Happy Tuesday

We had a pretty boring weekend.  Lots of just lounging around because Michael did not have a game, no social plans at all.  I ran some errands, went to the gym and played with my baby.  The boys were hardly ever home though.  They have friends in the neighborhood and when they are not over at their friends' house, their friends were her at our house.

Today is Matthew's first full day of school.  Poor guys.  And this will be the first time they will get homework so we really have to be on the ball. I've already received emails from teachers letting us know what the plan is for the week which is very helpful because Michael does not tell me anything about school no matter how many questions I ask.

Yesterday, we had a nice little break from the 100+ temperature so I was very happy to stay inside and pretend that it's chilly outside (it was still in the 90s, but cloudy).

This week is going to go really quickly-catching up on errands and chores.  I've got to get to the dealership and have them put on my front license plate.  Apparently, I can get fined for not having it on.

The school Spirit Shop will open up this week so I'll have to be at school for most of the day on Thursday.  I'm excited to see how much we will sell.  When we opened up for Meet the Teacher, we kicked butt! I just hope that we get more merchandise to sell by Thursday.

My Marky has been sleeping late lately which is A-OK with me.  He is a night owl.  When we are in bed trying to sleep, he starts yapping. Last night, he listed all the things that he eats.
"I eat french fries (but it sounds more like fried rice)"
"I eat ombuger"
"I eat ogurt"

When I say, "You are so cute, I can eat you up," he responds with "I eat MAMMA!" He doesn't call me Mamma anymore, though.  When he wants my attention, he yells out, "MOM!" I'm guessing it's from hearing his older brother.  I'm a little sad that he completely skipped calling me "Mommy."

And since I have not posted many pictures of him lately, here are a couple from a few weeks ago.

He will not let me feed him anymore unless I sneak it.  He thinks he's such a big boy and will not use baby bowls or utensils.  Loves his waffles and yogurt for breakfast and snacks all day long. When he wants a snack, he'll say "nack" and run to the pantry. One of his favorite snacks is cranberries.

He loves to watch videos on the iPad.  This keeps him busy for a little bit so I can get some chores done. And he loves to be with his bo-bos. My Matty is so sweet to his baby brother sometimes.

He still loves to water the plants!

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