Friday, August 30, 2013

September Pin-Spired

Time to Get Pin-Spired for September with Mix & Match Mama and friends. While most of the country will be getting ready to transition into Fall in September, I will be in my summer whites for most of the month because I would die of a heat stroke otherwise. I may get to wear my new denim jacket a couple of times in the mall or in our house where M likes to set our thermostat to freezing cold.

Inspiration 1 is white shorts with a billowy top.  This is one of my fave combo for summer. The look in breezy, comfy and super easy.

My version of the white shorts and billowy top.

Inspiration 2 is one that I've seen everywhere.  The maxi dress with the denim jacket.  Perfect for the frozen tundra that is our house. But seriously, I love the look of a good maxi dress.  It looks great on anyone and it's so comfortable.  It can take on any personality with a few accessories.

My version.  I had to cut my face out of this picture because I had my 10-year old take it. This was the best pic to show the outfit, but my face was not flattering.  I was probably in the middle of telling him to make sure to hold still so the picture doesn't turn out blurry. Obviously, he didn't get the message.

Thanks for visiting and, hopefully, I'll be able to wear something more Fall-like for the October Pin-Spired Party. Enjoy you Labor Day weekend!

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