Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Randoms

School doesn't officially start until next week, but this week is when it starts to get busy with school related activities. And because the boys are going to 2 different schools, we get double the fun. This week will be filled with Meet the Teachers nights, Locker Night, Spirit Shop set-up, soccer practices, and getting back into the school year nightly routines.

I'm looking forward to the Fall season as always.  I love, love, love Fall.  It doesn't get cool enough here for it to feel like Fall until at least October, but I start decorating early September to get in the spirit. I start small by putting out Fall hand soaps from Bath and Body Works. And, they usually go on sale this time of the year!

Update on Mark since I haven't had one in awhile -

He's has been up to his terrible twos shenanigans as usual, but he's so darn cute!  His favorite word is "chicken pot pie" and "ice, baby."  We'll be sitting around and he'll just randomly start saying those words.

His favorite song for me to sing to him is "You Are My Sunshine." When he wants me to sing it, he says, "Sunshine." If I don't respond, he'll pull my face towards hims and say it again.  He's always been a demanding baby, but now that he's getting close to his twos, he's 4 times as demanding.

His favorite things to play with are pots and pans with spoons and spatulas. He loves to pretend to cook. When I ask him what he's doing, he says "I cook!" It gets pretty messy around our house when he "cooks" because he pulls everything out of my cabinets including the "poons," which are spatulas in adult language. He also loves playing with his Duplo blocks.  He wants me to build a "woof-woof" (dog) for him and when I do, he loves to give him kisses.

He also loves for me to play with his "choo-choo" (trains). I have to sit down right next to the train set and he sits in the center of the circle of tracks to play.

His favorite book for me to read to him is "Here Comes Thomas." He wants to hear it over and over again and again.  We have to hide the book sometimes because I get so tired of reading it. He says "I read" when he wants us to read to him.

Some of his favorite foods are spaghetti, yogurt, strawberry, blueberries, chicken, cookies, and anything that is sweet.  He loves sodas and calls them "Coke." He still loves to drink water, which I'm happy about. He says "I eat!" when he wants to eat.  He's been saying "I eat MAMA!" which cracks me up.

Michael's soccer season starts next weekend.  Matthew will be trying out baseball this Fall. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he likes it so practices won't be a battle.

I'm ready for the school year to start and I'm excited so for the Fall! Mostly, because I want to wear my new boots!

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