Monday, August 05, 2013

Division 1!

It was a hot and humid weekend and we had to be outside for Michael's soccer tournament!  At least they won all their games and qualified for Division 1, which means that they do not have to play next weekend. Which means that I will not have to be out in the 100+ weather. And, cherry on top? No practices this week. After 3 a week practices for the last month, it's a nice little break. Yay!

I was only able to make it to 2 games on Saturday.  The first game was great and stress-free because Solar won 7-0.  The second game was definitely a nail-biter.  The other team scored first and they were up 1-0 up until the 4th quarter.  But, the boys came out of a slump and with the help of some lucky breaks, they were able to score 2 points within minutes of each other to pull out a 2-1 victory!  We were so relieved.

I had to miss Sunday's game because I went to a baby shower for a friend.  She has 3 little girls and is expecting another little girl.  So happy for her because I know that she's wanted this for so long. Of course, I did not get any pictures, but I had a great time catching up with my ACE girls. 


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