Monday, September 23, 2013

This and That

It's officially Fall! What a gorgeous weekend it was.  It's cooling down so I spent most of my weekend outside cleaning the patio furniture, windows, and rugs in preparation for frequent outdoor dining and hanging out.

This weekend turned out to be not as busy as I anticipated - Matthew's baseball game got cancelled because the fields were wet so I was able to postpone some to-dos. And he was able to stay the whole time at a friend's birthday party instead of having to leave early to make his game time.

Michael's game was early on Saturday so they headed out before 6:30 and were home by 10.  His team won and he had the day to relax.

They had a friend spend the night on Saturday night and probably did not get much sleep so our Sunday was pretty lazy-Mark did not even get out of his PJs. We had dinner outside and all of us (except M-bugs don't bite him) have bug bites to prove it.  I hate those pesky mosquitos!

This is from Friday's playdate. More kids showed up after this picture and Mark went crazy!  He loves a crowd.

Mark loves to help with anything.  He's so sweet.  He helped Daddy wash the car on Saturday.

Look how hard he's concentrating...

I love this picture.  When Matthew was at a birthday party, we went to pick up Sonic for Michael.  Michael ALWAYS shares his food with his little brother. My silly monkeys.

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