Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Three-Day Weekend

So I started this post yesterday morning and barely got in 4 words before little man woke up.  He's been tough lately. Actually, all my kids have been a little tough lately - Michael has initiated his "tween" years attitude and almost everything is a fight.  Again, I will live through it but he's a tough pill to take sometimes. At other times, he's as sweet as can be.  My little Matty is still my sweet little boy and he still kisses me before he gets on the school bus, even in front of his friends.

We had a pretty busy weekend - Michael had a soccer game in Dallas on Saturday, Matthew had a baseball game on Sunday and we drove into the city to visit the Perot Museum of Nature and Science on Monday.

We had a great sports weekend.  Michael's team won their game 6-1and Michael scored TWO goals. We were so proud and he was so excited.  He played really well, obviously!

We thought Matthew's game would be cancelled because of rain, but we got it in before the storm.  They played the team that beat them pretty badly last week.  This time, the boys did great! They won 21-18 and Matthew was the winning score! He did not strike out one time and caught a line drive! Even the coach from the other team high-fived him on that catch!

Mark also had fun at the game making a mess with sidewalk chalk with a group of girls.  They wanted nothing to do to with him at first and then relented because he kept bugging them to let him play too. He is a persistent little monkey and it paid off!

Since the kids had the day off and it was going to rain all day, I decided to take them to check out the Perot Museum.  We had to make reservations to get in and the earliest time available was 12 so we started out there later than I would like.

The museum was amazing and it was huge- 5 floors of exhibit halls.  We only made it to the children's museum and the engineering hall before Michael and Matthew complained that they were hungry. So we left after an hour and headed back home, but not before stopping by our Sonic to pick up some lunch.  Both boys had TWO corn dogs and lots of tots - so I guess they were REALLY hungry! It was a pretty good day.

My little "tween."  We got him his iPhone last month and those earbuds are in his ears more than I would like them to be.

Waiting for Matthew's game to start

Playing with the veggies at the children's museum.  Matthew was so sweet to his little brother.  He made sure that no one was taking Mark's stuff.

Working together to build a structure that will withstand an earthquake

More fun at the museum!

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