Thursday, October 10, 2013


In honor of my birthday and for me to walk down memory lane a little bit, I thought I'd do a little history lesson on me.  I actually did not come up with idea - I read Tara's post at The Furr Four and thought it would be fitting for me to do s history post since today I turn 37.  Yikes, 3 more years until I hit the big 40.

Since I'm a little older than Tara, I'll start from 14 years ago when I graduated.

Fourteen Years Ago (1999)
 - I was 22 years old and had just graduated from Santa Clara University in June with a Marketing degree

- After graduation, I went traveling all over Asia and Australia with my girlfriends for a whole month- Hong Kong, Tokyo, Bangkok, Phuket, Melbourne and Sydney

- I met my future husband

- Started my first "real job" as an Account Coordinator at an advertising agency

- Lived in San Mateo, CA with 2 other girls who were very nice, but we lost touch

Ten Years Ago (2003)
- I was 27 years old

- We welcomed our first little boy, Michael, in March!

- I've been married for 2 years

- We were living with my parents to save money for our first house in Morgan Hill

- I was working at my second job in Palo Alto after being laid-off from the advertising agency

Eight Years Ago (2005)
- I was 29 years old

- We welcomed our second little boy, Matthew, in June!

- We bought our first home less than a year ago in Morgan Hill, 5 minutes from my parents

- I was still working in Palo Alto

Five Years Ago (2008)
- I was 32 years old

- We made the BIG moved to Frisco, TX 2 years earlier (this is the first time I have lived outside of Northern CA)

- Experienced Texas snow for the first time!

- I was working in Irving

- My hubby and I went on vacation to Maui without the kids for the first time

Two Years Ago (2011)
- I was 35 years old

- We welcomed out 3rd baby boy, Mark!

- I was still working in Irving

- I was driving a Honda Odyssey (Loved that van!)

- We went to St. Thomas that year for our annual family vacation- I was 7 months pregnant! My brother, his wife and my sister met us there.  One of my favorite vacations.

Now (2013)
- After moving back to CA for a short while, we decided to move back to Texas and settled on Southlake.  We've been here for 4 years.  In those 4 years, we welcomed another baby boy, Mark, in November, 2011

- I decided to quit my job and stay home with my boys

- Visited CA for 3 weeks in summer and hung out with my family and my first ever nephew. We also celebrated Matthew's 8th birthday there.

This has been a year of adjusting to new responsibilities and situations, accepting new realities and facing some challenges. Some adjustments have been easy and others have not been so easy.  I'm looking forward the rest of this year and see what is in store for us!

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