Sunday, March 03, 2013

Sweet Sixteen

Little man is 16 months today!

You love to eat.  You snack all day long.  Your favorite foods are rice, chicken, meatloaf and steak. You love strawberries, blueberries raspberries, and clementines (mini-oranges).

You only say a couple of words - bye, hi, hot, mum-mum (eat), more, mama, and dada, but you understand almost everything we say. When we tell you it's time to go outside, you go get your shoes and your sweater.  You blow us kisses, give us kisses, and give us high-fives when we ask for them. You get very excited and walk towards the stairs when we tell you that it's shower or bath time.

You're still a horrible sleeper and wake up at least once a night for your bottle, but you know when you are tired and are ready for bed.  You get fussy and point to the microwave which tells us that you want us to warm up your bottle and put you to bed.

Sarah takes you to at least one story time a week and she says that you really enjoy it.  She tells me that you take what you want from other children and you are the most outgoing one most of the time. Your favorite things to do there is play with the parachute and crawl into the tube.  She also takes you out to the park and you love playing on the playground.

You make the funniest little faces I've ever seen.  When I ask you where your boo-boo is, you make this sad little face and point to your head even if you really don't have a boo-boo.  When you want something and we can't give it to you fast enough, you make two little fists, bite down really, and literally shake with anger.  You will add a scream to that when you are super angry.

You love playing with your brothers! And they love playing with you. You are the first person Michael wants to see when he gets home from anywhere. Michael loves to take care of you and he has been such a big help.  You love to watch him wrestle with Matthew and sometimes, you even join in on the action. I think Michael is too rough with you, but you don't seem to mind. He loves making you laugh and I love hearing your sweet laugh.
Happy sweet sixteen, my little monkey.  I love you so very much and can't imagine my life without you!

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