Monday, March 04, 2013

What Happened This Weekend? Not Much.

Like the rest of our weekend from now until end of May, both boys had a soccer game on Saturday.  Michael’s game was in the Colonyat 9:15 in the morning and it was freezing!  The field was out in the open with no trees or buildings to block the wind so that did not help. The boys did not win and they did not play well.  It seemed like once they get scored on, they shut down. Hopefully, they will do better next weekend.

Matthew played really well!  He was pushing people around and he was guarding his guy like he was playing basketball.  I think his team lost 2-3, but he played with passion. 

After the games, I was beat. I had Michael and Matthew play with Mark upstairs and I took a little nap.  Then it was time to go grocery shopping.  This is one of my favorite things to do now because Michael and Mark come along with me.  Michael is getting to be a big help – he helps me get the stuff on our list so it helps save me some time.  The flip side is that we always end up getting him a treat that we had not planned on.  This week was the sour pops.  I just enjoy spending time with my two little men. On rare occasions, Matthew will come with me a Mark if Michael is not around.

The weather was so nice on Sunday.  Michael had a play date with Daniel and then soccer practice so he was gone half the day.  M and I convinced Matthew to walk around the lake with us while Michael was at Daniel’s house. I think he had a good time – he pushed Mark in the stroller the whole way.  We enjoyed talking to him one-on-one.  He always surprises me with his quick wit.

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