Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Monday Night

I had an evening planned for watching the “The Bachelor” last night.  It’s something the M and I do together, but recently, Michael has joined in on the madness.  I’m not sure if he understands the concept really.  I think he sees the show more of like “Survivor” kind of show – more of a competition than a “love connection.”

Anyway, I was all ready to sit down with a glass of wine to indulge, but when Michael saw that I was about to watch it without his Daddy, he protested.  He told me that we should wait to watch it on AppleTV when Daddy gets home. I couldn’t refuse.  Plus, I was already feeling guilty about watching it without him.

The only thing is, I have to avoid reading my regular blogs today because I don’t want to know who got the boot.  I had to avoid my favorite talk show on the radio this morning because I just KNEW they were going to discuss it. M gets home tonight, but it will be too late to watch so I have to wait until TOMORROW and keep my blinders on.  It’s hard work!

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