Monday, March 05, 2012

Yee-Yee Came to Visit

We had a very fun and busy weekend. Yee-yee flew over from CA for a quick visit. We took her to soccer games and Mountasia for mini golf and go-carts. I think we wore her out. I know I was worn out. The boys wanted to go to the movies too but we just couldn’t squeeze it in.

The boys really enjoyed having here her and they were sad to see her go. An hour before we had to take her to the airport, Michael freaked because she had gone to the bathroom. He thought that she left for the airport without him. He asked “Where’s Yee-yee?” When I told him she was just in the bathroom, I can see the relief in his face. Poor baby.

Matthew had a little meltdown while mini-golfing. He kept asking for a do-over and when we refused, he kept coming up with reasons why he deserved a do-over. At one point he thought he should get a do-over because I was annoying him while he was putting. He kept asking my sister who was in the lead. That kid is competitive!

They were a little nervous to go on the go-karts, but after we started moving, they had a blast. Matthew asked to go on it again, but we didn’t have time and I was so, so tired. We had already been to 2 soccer games and I was about to fall over from exhaustion.

Unfortunately, when we got home, we had to leave right away to go to dinner. Korean food! Love it, but I ordered the wrong thing and ended up not eating what I ordered. Boo. But I enjoyed the little plates of pickled appetizers that they brought out before our meal.

Yee-yee and Matty at lunch
Marky goes in for his 4-month check up tomorrow! Hopefully, he is on track and we can start him on solids. Excited to get his new stats!

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