Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy 9th Birthday, Michael!


Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday my little man!  I can’t believe you’ve survived for 9 whole years.  You don’t eat much else except pasta, fish (white fish only, please), McNuggets, steak with pickles or lemon sauce, rice with soy sauce, lobster, sushi, and hotdogs, and a few other food things.

Your favorite places to eat are Steak n’ Shake, Pei-Wei, McDonalds, Kobeya, Sushi Sam’s, Red Loster, and Café Italia.  We make you go to other places and we can usually order you plain pasta, but these are our “go-to” places with you. You chose to go to Kobeya for your birthday dinner.  I can't say that I am surprised.

The last time we measured you, you were 51 inches tall.  I don’t remember how much you weigh, but it was not much. It’s been a real struggle with you and food.  I know you need to eat a better variety, but I get so tired of fighting you.

You are ALL about soccer right now.  All you want to do is kick the ball around. Unfortunately, Matthew has not been a really great playmate when it comes to outdoor play.  He would rather sit in the house and play with his toys.  There have been many fights between you two about this. 

You are on 2 teams - a recreational team called the StarJets and an academy team called Odyssey. You are so good at soccer, especially your passing skills.  We hope you continue to pursue this if this is your PASSION.

You are my sweet and sensitive little man.  You love your brothers and you adore Mark.  You have been so helpful with Mark and I am so proud of you.  When Daddy’s traveling, you are Mark’s little baby-sitter in the evening.  You play with him and take great care of him while I clean up after dinner, shower and get you all ready for bed.

Your sense of humor is beginning to take shape and I love it.  You have been telling jokes and you make me laugh every day.  You make me want to cry almost every day too, but that’s for another post. You are still throwing tantrums, but the number has definitely gone down.  When you get upset, you get really quiet, and it breaks my heart because I see so much of me in you.

You are happiest when you are in your shorts and T-shirts.  You hate to be uncomfortable is your clothes.  You won’t wear a shirt with a collar unless we make you.

I just love you so much.  A part of me is happy that you are growing up, but another part of me wants to bottle you up and keep you just as you are now.  It makes me so sad to think that you won’t need me to tuck you into bed anymore.

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