Monday, March 12, 2012

Michael's 9th Birthday Party

Michael had his birthday party on Sunday and he LOVED it! He said it was the best birthday party EVER and I’m so happy to hear it.

We took 6 of his friends to FC Dallas Stadium to watch the FC Dallas soccer team play New York Red Bulls in their season opener. Everything went perfectly. The weather turned out perfect, the kids were very well behaved, and our team won the game!

I’m not sure that all the kids were into the game, but I think they had a fun hanging out with each other and experiencing a soccer game with the food and the crowd.

When we first got to the stadium, it was a little cold and I was nervous that it may rain, but as it got later in the afternoon, the sun came out and warmed things up. We were able to get down to the field level to watch the teams practice. I thought the kids might have been bored, but Michael said it was exciting. I can tell that he and Daniel really enjoyed watching the professionals warm up.

Michael got to go down to field level again during half-time where they announced that it was his birthday, showed him on the big screen and presented him with an FC Dallas ball. All his friends were thrilled to see him up there and they all started chanting “Michael Fisher, Michael Fisher” during the birthday announcement. It was really cute! They also displayed his name on the matrix board up on the rafter, so that was really neat too.
The gang

Michael doing the soccer kick

Matthew giving the soccer kick a try

At field level watching the team warm-up

Having fun!

Clay and Aris

Daniel and Aakash

Harry, Matthew and Luke

Michael and Clay

Waiting for the game to start

Daniel and Michael at field level

My two babies..Matthew barely avoided a meltdown before this picture was taken

You can barely see it but it's there - Michael's name on the matrix board

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