Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Back to reality. Reality as in real life, not reality TV, but we did watch The Real Housewives of Orange County last night so it could mean both.

Since we are on the topic of TRHOC, I have to say that Vicki is annoying the heck out of me. She can dish it, but she sure can’t take it. It makes no sense to me that she doesn’t see that dating a guy who has gone to jail for not paying child support is hypocritical, especially when she was so public at how Slade is a deadbeat father. I’m on Gretchen’s team on this one. Vicki should just shut up about it.

Anyway, back to real life reality. We got back from a wonderful trip to Horseshoe Bay. I was very skeptical at first because our accommodations were a little worn out looking and the kids seemed bored, but after the first day, the kids started playing with the other kids and we discovered that the resort had some beautiful grounds and wonderful amenities.

Michael trying to get Matty to smile

With Daddy by the lilly pond

Brotherly love!  They were holding hands.  Love it.

We got there at about noon and had lunch at the resort. Then I went back to the room with Mark and M took the other 2 boys to the putting greens. M said the boys weren’t really into it because it was pretty hard to get the ball in the whole. Matthew said he won, but Michael said only because Matthew cheated.

On Friday, we spent the afternoon at the pool and once the kids were done with swimming, they went to the activity field and met some other kids. They spent the whole late afternoon and evening playing games with a bunch of other kids. When they were done, we went to dinner at this place called On the Rocks in Marble Falls. It was not good. It started out very lovely because we were seated right away and Mark was sleeping so I thought “great when the food comes, I can eat.” We waited and waited and waited. Our food arrived and hour and twenty minutes after we ordered and we ended up taking it to go because Mark was very cranky at that point. They weren’t even busy. What a horribly run restaurant! That pretty much ruined our dining experience in Marble Falls.

Playing on the activities field

Marky's 1st swim!

We went to the Yacht Club and spent the day there on Saturday. The Yacht Club was lovely. The kids played on the sandy beach, went into the hot tub, and played on the field where there were games and activities set up for kids. We went back to the resort where we had dinner. After dinner, the kids made their own s’mores and played glow-in-the-dark football until 9:30. They had a blast!

We left bright and early this morning so we can make it home for Michael’s soccer game at 2pm in Grapevine. His team won 2-0.

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