Friday, February 10, 2012

A Day In a Working Mom's Life

Today is Show Us Your Life -Working Moms on Kelly's Korner, so I'm linking up.

I am a Marketing Manager at a multi-unit retail company and a full-time mom to 2 active school-age boys and a 3-month old baby boy. Since my hubby travels a couple of days out of the week for his job, I dabble at being a single, full-time working mom.

Since Mark was born and I’ve started working again, I’m running on caffeine and adrenaline. Although I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck the moment I wake up in the morning, I don’t know if I would do anything differently. I love being a mom and I work to make my children's life easier and establish a foundation for their success the best that I can.

The reasons that I work are mostly financial.  I like to know that I'm contributing and that with my paycheck, we can save, take amazing vacations, and not be stressed about living from paycheck to paycheck.

Everyday is always different for me, but here’s what a typical day looks like.

6:00am – I am awakened by my human alarm clock also known as my 3-month old baby boy, Mark. I feed and change him and put him down in his crib again if he falls asleep.

6:30am – I go to make sure Michael and Matthew are awake and are dressed, and I go downstairs to get their breakfast of champions, also known as cold cereal. Sometimes they get their own breakfast (toaster strudels). I pack up their school bags and put them by the door.

6:45am – I get ready for work.

7:00am – Mark wakes up again so I go get him from his crib and hold him if he’s cranky. If not, I put him in his bouncer and help get the boys ready for the bus.

7:25am – Boys go outside and wait for the bus. I stand by the window to watch them and make sure they get on the bus at 7:30. Sarah, our nanny, arrives.

7:40am – I start my 30 minute commute into the office

8:15am – Answer emails and voicemails. Make calls

10:00am – Status meeting with my group

This is what my desk currently looks like. Yes, I still have my 2011 calendar up

I have a cube with a view. I love that I have a window. There are interesting things that happen in the parking lot when you work in the payday loan industry

11:30am – Lunch/surfing the web, catching up on my blog reading

12:30pm – Work on field marketing plans with RVPs/check and answer emails and phone calls

2:30pm – Meeting to review in-store POP

3:30pm – Visit with co-workers and discuss Housewives/Bachelor for the week . And we also talk smack about people. Hey, I’m human…

4:00pm – Work a little more

4:30pm – Talk a little more smack

5:00pm – Pack up/shut down

5:30pm – Get home to hug my babies, make dinner, eat, give Mark a bath, and pack up for tomorrow

7:30pm – Hang out with the boys and my hubby

8:30pm – Put Matthew and Michael to bed, feed Mark and hold him until he falls asleep and put him in bed.

9:00pm – Watch some recorded TV with the hubby when he is home. If Mark is still awake, I’ll hold him while we watch.

10:00pm – Bedtime if we are lucky, meaning if Mark falls asleep for the night. We’ll have to wake up to feed him twice during the night (on a good night).


  1. So nice to hear all the other working mamas thoughts and point of views...I don't feel so alone out there! I hate DFW traffic! I spotted some Starbucks on your desk too!!! ha ha....we have a lot in common!