Monday, April 09, 2012

Our Awesome Easter Weekend

Loved, loved this weekend.  I wish I could bottle up the weather on Saturday because it was so nice.  We didn’t do much this weekend.  On Friday, the boys had the day off from school, so they stayed home with Sarah and dyed Easter eggs.

Saturday, M and I cleaned out the flower beds and pulled out the old, ugly cabbage plants in the morning.  He also trimmed the very overgrown hedges along our driveway.  Then we took Matthew to his soccer game in the afternoon.  He did so well!  He didn’t score, but he was being aggressive and showed his speed.  M thinks he’s ready to go academy. We may put him in Solar next season.

After soccer, M and I dropped off all three boys at G-pa’s house and we went over to Lowe’s to get some roses for planting.  We got 7 plants and it only took us a little over an hour to plant all of them! I was expecting for us to spend at least a few hours to get it all done. It was so easy that I went to Lowes again Sunday morning and got 5 more to plant.  I’m so excited about my roses.  Most of them our Knockout Roses, so it will be fairly easy to keep them alive, but we also planted some other varieties that are probably not as hardy.

I love the way some of them smell.  A couple of my favorites are “Intrigue” and “Oklahoma.”  They are so fragrant! I also got a variety called “Peace.”  I’m not sure how it will smell, but I loved the name so I bought it. I’m hoping that these will grow to be big, bold and beautiful!

We had a really strong rainstorm on Sunday so the Easter Egg Hunt in our neighborhood got cancelled.  He boys weren’t too overly disappointed because I don’t think they were all that excited about going so it turned out OK.  And luckily, we had enough time in the morning to finish up our planting, trimming and clean-up before the downpour.  

Walking around the lake on a beautiful Saturday afternoon

Cute baby boy

Enjoying drumsticks outside

Boy with the beautiful smile

Got a little something on his nose

Hubby working hard on the hedges

Matthew helping with the clean-up

Michael bagging up the trimmings

My new rosebushes we planted this weekend

Love this "Intrigue" because it smells divine

Chrysler Imperial

Our azalea in bloom. We had these planted last year.

Easter baskets for Michael and Matthew

Easter morning

Love this little monkey

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