Monday, April 02, 2012

Weekend Recap

What a beautiful weekend here in North Texas. We had great weather the whole weekend. It was a little humid for my taste, but I will take it. We spent most of our time outside. The boys had soccer games Saturday morning. Michael scored 3 goals for his StarJets team to help win the game. Unfortunately, I had to leave his game early to get Matthew to his game on time so I didn’t get eh final score, but I think they won by at least 3 points.

Matthew scored a goal for his team. They had a great game even though they lost by 2 points. They were down by 4 points in the first half, but came back and scored 5 goals in the second half to keep the game close.

It was nice that both games were in the morning because that me time to finish reading “The Hunger Games” and also gave M and I time for our date night. We dropped the kiddos off at his Dad’s and we went to see “The Hunger Game” and had a nice dinner at Bob’s Steak House. It was a treat to be able to enjoy my food. Normally, I’m either inhaling the food because Marky is crying or I’m eating with one hand because I’m holding Nary with the other. It gets even better – Michael and Matthew ended up spending the night at their G-pa’s so we only had Mark for the night. Yay, for having the in-laws nearby.

I really liked the movie, but I think I enjoyed the book a little more. My friend Krista let me borrow the next book “Catching Fire” and I can’t wait to start reading it.

Sunday was a “do nothing” day for us. We went on walks and ate outside. The boys went swimming. I took Marky grocery shopping, M did some yard work and that was it. No games, no plans, no schedules, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Did I mentioned that the weather was awesome? Well, it was and I hope that it stays for awhile. But it’s 90 degrees now, what will it be like in the summer? I’m a little scared…

I found this picture this morning that Matthew must have taken on Saturday.  A great snapshot of our life. I think we were getting ready to leave for Michael's game in the morning.

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