Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Brain Dump

I think this is the longest I’ve gone without posting for awhile. There just hasn’t been anything interesting to post about. This week has just flown by. I love that it’s Friday, but my gosh, where did the time go and what did I get done this week? I’m too unmotivated to try to post anything creative so here’s a brain-dump.

• All the flowers I planted a little over a week ago are doing well. I’ve fertilized and watered with root stimulator so I’m hopeful that I will not kill them.

• Marky is still not really liking his rice cereal. Sarah says he is doing better, but he’s still crying when she feeds him. We will try some sweet potatoes on Monday to see if likes that better.

• UPS man delivered a couple of things I ordered for Mark from Zulily. This is the watermelon shortall - so stinkin' cute!

• I’m feeling really bad that my kids are getting constantly yelled at. I want a peaceful house, but sometimes, they just completely ignore us and do things they know they are not suppose to - repeatedly. They may look innocent, but they sure know how to push our buttons.

• We’ve already had 2 soccer games this week – 1 for Michael and 1 for Matty. This weekend is pretty much shot. On Saturday, we have 3 games – 2 for Michael and 1 for Matthew. Michael has 2 more games on Sunday. Oye.

• We are getting a second pump installed in our pool so we can attach a Polaris. We had to drain most of the water out yesterday and I couldn’t help but feel very wasteful.

• We are switching to FIOS today. Supposedly, it’s the same as what we are paying for regular cable now.

• Since I’m on home improvement – we will be replacing our fence in a couple of weeks. I would rather use that money for pretty things around the house like some new chandeliers and light fixtures but I guess that’s not really practical, is it?

• We finally got Matthew some new clothes that will fit him. I don’t know what happened to all of Michael’s clothes that we could’ve passed down to him. Where did they all go?

• I got a haircut last week and had 18 inches cut. I’m loving my new haircut and I haven’t loved a new haircut is many years.

• Mark is babbling a lot and I think he’s starting to get separation anxiety. There are times when I’m the only one who can comfort him at night.

• M will be gone almost all week next week for business. I have QBRs the same week at work so it will be a challenging week for balancing my time (read: next week will totally suck)

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