Monday, November 07, 2016

Birthday at the Horse Ranch

This year, my friend Cristina and I decided to have a joint birthday party for our boys since they were both born on the same day and were in the same class.  We would have invited most of the same people anyway so we decided it was easier to celebrate the two boys together on Saturday.

We lucked out and had picture perfect weather!

The kiddos got to grab and cowboy hat and a bandana when they got to the party.

These guys were ready to ride!

When you have a party at a horse ranch, it's natural to have a country western theme.  We had three cakes-one big cake and 2 small personal cakes so each boys got their very own cake.

 Both names on the big cake to share....

Jose's cake had a red bandana and Mark's cake had a blue one with his initial on it.

We also had these cute cupcakes made for guests to take home

Listening (sort of) to instructions for horseback riding..

Birthday boys got to ride first!

The mammas...

These horses were so beautiful! I couldn't help but fall in love with them - and I'm not an animal person. BTW - I love my cowboy boots and I'm going to have to find excuses to wear them more often.

 After horseback riding, it was time for some horseshoe painting, pizza and cake!

Such an amazing day to celebrate Jose and Mark.  One of the best parties I've ever hosted.

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