Sunday, November 06, 2016

Lots of Stuff!

We've got a few things going on this past week.  It's actually been a little hectic around here. I've noticed that Fall is always hectic for us.

Since Mark's birthday is on the same day as one of his classmates, his teacher asked if we can celebrate it at school on Friday instead of Thursday so that he didn't;t have to share his special day.  So we did.  He requested I popsicles as birthday treats for his class.

M and I brought him his birthday lunch. He was so happy to see us.

That night we continued the celebration with a dinner at Kobeya or as he calls it -the place where they cook at your table.  He loves it! They made it special for him...

That day was also the day of the Dragon Games to raise money for his school.  He did great with the obstacle course!

 How cute is this little guy?

As part of his birthday celebration, Mark got to keep a birthday buddy for the weekend and journal how he spent time with Nemo.  They spent quality time with his new bridge jump Thomas set.

All the activities really wore him out - he fell asleep like this...

Saturday was another big day! Mark had his last soccer game of the season. Daddy got to coach this one because Coach mark was out of town. He also got to hand out the medals! Mark loves it when his Daddy gets to coach...

Mark and his adorable teammates...

Phew! after the game, I headed out to set up for Mark's birthday party at the horse ranch!

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