Saturday, December 05, 2015

What We've Been Up To

Well, we've been up to a lot and I haven't really posted about it much mainly because I'm exhausted thinking about it.  We've had people coming and going to fix up the house, delivering furniture, taking care of rodent problems, kids changing schools, kid changing back to old school, Thanksgiving, Christmas decorating and other little things in between.

We ordered a custom farmhouse table that will be delivered tomorrow.  Super excited to see it. I scored big with these chairs.  They were $100 each and they will look awesome with the farmhouse table.

This little guy loves going to the new playground near our house.  LOVES it.

He calls this the "fast slide."

My girlfriends and I attended the Tabletops fundraising event last month to help raise money for a local battered women's housing complex.  What a great cause and we had so much fun looking at all the beautiful table settings.

This was my favorite.

Then the next day, we drove to Austin for a girls weekend.  Actually we were only there for a night but it was time well spent with these lovely ladies.

Matthew is on an Odyssey of the Mind team this year and I think he likes it.  He has not complained about it so I take that as a good sign. His team participated in Spontaneous Spectacular a few weekends ago.  It was kind of a practice for the competition that they will have in Spring.

What do you do with an outdoor fireplace on a cool night? You make s'mores of course.

Love to see this kid smile.

This one too.

We went to Costco and I had to share this picture.  It's rare that Mark let's M his hand when I'm around.

And we started reading Christmas books during bedtime!

Love this kid's smile too.

More fun at the new playground.  This time all the boys went.

Selfie with my little.

I found this picture on the computer - Mark must have taken a picture of Julia while she was taking a picture of him. LOL.

It was freezing the whole time my parents were here for Thanksgiving. Perfect weather for Pho.

We went to Korean Barbecue for dinner and our traditional visit to Yogurtland afterwards.

My boys love to decorate the tree shirtless.

Mark is obsessed with Splatoon. He said he wanted to pretend that he was in the game so he put on his gear and got his "paint gun."  Love it.  Love this boy!

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