Monday, December 07, 2015

Weekend Randoms

We had a fabulous weekend of doing nothing!  Those are the best aren't they?  No games, no practice, no commitments. But we did have the plumber over for most of the day yesterday installing the 2nd hot water tank. And he will be back sometime this week to fix the circulating pump that he just installed yesterday.

Listen, I am so blessed in so many ways so I feel bad complaining, BUT I am so over having people come over to fix or deliver things and not getting it done correctly the first time.  So many examples! They either brought the wrong fill-in-the-blank or they have to wait for parts or something is broken. 

Simple delivery of new washer and dryer? No. The dryer was dented so they had to redeliver. Simple delivery and installation of our murphy bed? No.  They couldn't install the handles because they didn't have long enough screws.  Then there's the possum living in our attic issue, but i won't even get to that.  I'll just say that after almost 2 weeks, I think it's finally been taken care of.

Anyway, what a beautiful weekend.  We didn't do much. Bath and Body Works had a candle sale and I may have gone a little crazy with the candles. It was so nice outside that we spent a lot of time at the park on Saturday.

These two and a friend were playing tag on this web-thingy.  They called a time out so I can take a quick picture.

This little one hung out in the sandbox most of the time with a little break to go on the zipline and the fast slide.

This guy made his appearance Saturday morning. He was Smitty with the two older boys, but Mark has renamed him Winter.  

Since the two older boys no longer hear Santa's sleigh bells, Matthew has been so sweet and is so excited to join in on making Winter magical for Mark.

This was how we found Winter this morning.

It' s a little sad that Michael and Matthew are over Santa, but I knew that it would happen.  This was the last picture we got of them with Santa Claus.  I think it was the year that that Mark was born which was in 2011.  So stinking' cute.

We decorated the gingerbread houses last week.

This is Mark's. The roof had a line of peppermint, but they've somehow disappeared. I wonder what happened to them along with the jelly beans?

This is Matthew's.  He was over it by the time he finished decorating one side of the roof and his chimney fell off.

This is Michael's house.  Yes, that is a gingerbread man with his head blown off on the ground.  He's been playing too much Call of Duty.

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