Thursday, December 10, 2015

New (Old) School & Scarf Exchange

It was a big day yesterday! It was Matthew's first day back at the school he started at this year.  To make a long story short, I transferred him out of Eubanks when we moved in October to the school we were zoned for.  He had a hard time adjusting and wanted to go back to Eubanks. He was really unhappy about his new school and so I started the process to get him back to Eubanks last week.  Today he was a happy little boys again.

I am so glad I switched him back. I get such a warm feeling just walking back into this school.  The teachers are so sweet. As we were waiting for his schedule, his Language Arts teacher came by and told me that she kept his notebooks and journal just in case. The Vice-Principal called him by name and the staff here is just so friendly and warm. I really did miss it here too.

I also hosted my first scarf exchange and had so much fun! These ladies are the best.  We each got a new scarf to take home.

 Lots of fun.

Lots of laughing...

There was some stealing going on.

I don't know why I look humongous in this picture.
It was so much fun that I think I'm going to make this an annual thing.  Love being able to hosts these get togethers with my ladies.

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