Friday, September 25, 2015

Two More Weeks!

Happy Friday morning! Two posts in a week, what? It's been a little hectic around here which is very surprising to me because I thought I would have all sorts of time now that little man is in pre-school full time. Wrong again.  I think I've overcommitted and over-volunteered a little bit. 

So I've been waking up an hour earlier to fit my quiet time back in. And it's been a little less hectic in the mornings.  This was sunrise yesterday - so pretty.

Anyway, I just wanted to give an update on our house. They say we have a week left, but with the amount of things to be completed still, I highly doubt that.  I think we have at least two more weeks.

Our master bathroom now has countertops.

No tub yet, though.

Master closet is no longer shiny white.

The sink went in after I took this picture.

These are the three stain option for our walnut floors. We've made a decision, but hubby is going back between Jacobean and Coffee Bean - the last two.

I'm so excited for this room to be done.  Our backsplash is up and our granite is on. I'm still nervous that I haven't chosen the right things, but it's starting to come together!

Closer look at the backsplash. 

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