Sunday, November 01, 2015

Halloween 2015

This was a tricky Halloween for sure.  I think we are at the point where the older boys are getting too old for trick-or-treating so this may be their last year.  They didn't even put much effort into dressing up.  Michael was a soccer player and Matthew said he was an alien dressed as a human with his sweatshirt and shorts.

Mark, on the other hand was super excited to go treat-or-treating. He's at the perfect age to go trick-or-treating with and he GETS it and just LOVES it.

We went to a block party at a friend's house where the kids ran around and played.  Then we all headed out to get some candy. Michael and Matthew went off on their own with Tucker.  Of course, Michael wandered off on his own and got separated from the other two so we had to stop and drive around to look for him. We finally found him near our old house. At that point, we were done so we drove home.

I got a few pictures, but the older two did not want to participate in the picture-taking so it was mostly of Mark.

These 3 were enjoying the food/candy before trick-or-treating.

There were so many kids but they were busy running around, so group picture was impossible. This was the biggest group I can round up.

The cutest Incredible Hulk ever.

There's a cul-de-sac in our old neighborhood that goes all out for Halloween.  The whole street decorates and it is elaborate.  This was one of the houses on the street that we stopped at.

My little trick-or-treater with his pink pumpkin.

We ran into Jaxson!

Love this little guy.

That's our Halloween! Can't wait for next year.  I might even dress up....

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