Sunday, November 08, 2015

Birthday at the Museum

I decided to have Mark's birthday party at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science this year and it was awesome.  Mark loves going to that museum and before he started preschool, I got us a family membership and we were there almost every week. 

So when I found out that they have birthday parties there, I was on it. Mark wanted a soccer theme which surprised me a little bit since he loved so many cartoon characters from Sprout, especially Super Wings.

But if he wanted soccer,  soccer party it was.

For the party, we were able to go anywhere in the museum so the boys went to the Sports Hall and raced.  Mark had a blast!

We tried taking a picture.  This was the best we could get.

Then we went to the Children's Museum and played with our guests.

After playtime in the Children's Museum, it was time for snacks and cake!

 I could tell this boy was tired and when the party ended, he a had a meltdown because he wanted to open presents right away.

Daddy got the cake ready.

Happy Birthday to my BB.

After the party, we went out to dinner and then came home for presents.  Can you tell Mark was excited?

We are so thankful to be able to celebrate with friends at the Museum. The staff made it so easy by taking care of everything and allowing me to enjoy the party with my birthday boy and our guests. We had so much fun!

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