Monday, August 17, 2015

Summer Splash Soccer Champions

Phew! It was another soccer-filled weekend.  Michael and his team walked away champions, but the last game was a nail biter to the very end!

They won their game Friday night, tied the second game and won their third game to advance to the semis.  Then the team they were suppose to play forfeited because they couldn't get to the game in time.  What?! So his team advanced to the finals on Sunday night. The boys played so well.

They scored and held on to the lead until the game was almost over.  Then the other team scored to tie it up.  After the score remained the same for the next ten minutes of overtime, it was time for PKs.  It was still tied after one round of PKs so they went on to sudden death PK and finally finished with the win!

He was happy to be at the game for like 2 seconds...

Then fell asleep halfway through.

This one found lots of friends to play with and had a great time.

We were waiting for the semifinal to start only to learn that the game was forfeited.

These boys were happy to hear that they will be playing in the championship game.

 Of course the final game was delayed an hour.  So Mark found some boys to pass the time with.

We were treated to an exciting game!

Sweet victory!

What a great soccer weekend! Way to go Texans!

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