Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Happy Tuesday!

Is it really August already?  This summer has gone by so quickly, but I say that about every summer.

Last weekend, me and a couple of friends took a Thai cooking class at Central Market.  It was so much fun and the cooking was pretty easy. Easy in that we didn't have to prep or clean up and we got to eat yummy food with wine!

We started with papaya salad. This was OK.  My mom makes the best papaya salad.  This was a little too bland for me.

The chicken satay was good.  And the peanut dipping sauce was the best. It's from a local restaurant where we get our Thai food and can be purchased at Central Market.

Then we made drunken noodles.  I think we put too much soy sauce in ours so it was not great, but our instructor fixed it by putting in more noodles for us.

Fanny was very happy to cook up the meat.

Olga brought her husband with her so he cooked for her.

I got to cook the eggs.

And this was the dessert! Mine did not look like this, but it tasted just as yummy.

Last Wednesday, Corie flew in from California with Cali and Dylan to visit and look at houses.  Mark was showing off to Cali at dinner.

These two play so well together, except when they want to same thing at the same time...

While Corie and Jennie went to look at homes, Dylan stayed with us and played.

Michael had a scrimmage last night against a team that had high school boys on it.  Thankfully, no one got hurt. I love this boy.

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