Thursday, September 11, 2014

What We Did - Week 34

Pictures were sparse this week, but we have been staying busy.

Day 247 - Thu.
We went and got Michael some new shoes.  He was so in love with this pair that he took a picture and sent it to M, who was on a business trip.

Day 248 - Fri.
Happy Birthday to my awesome hubby! We went to dinner at Bonefish to celebrate. We were too busy having a good time to take pictures :-)

Day 249 - Sat.
Michael had a soccer game.  It was against one of their arch rivals and they won 1-0!  Michael went off to celebrate the hard-won victory with his team at Cason's house and we went with M's parents to celebrate his birthday again at Houston's.

Day 250 - Sun.
We watched a little football, I ran some errands and the boys played with their buddies. No Picture.

Day 251 -Mon.
Happy Anniversary to us! We celebrated 13 years of marriage, but we didn't do anything special.  We will celebrate this weekend with a dinner in Dallas.

Mark and I met up with some moms for coffee in the morning.  Mark had fun playing for the most part, but there was a kid there that did not play well with others.  Mark kept trying to aggravate him. 

These two were showing each other some love! 

Day 252 - Tue.
We had quite a busy day! We drove to the mall to return a couple of things and picked up some lunch on our way to get a much needed carwash! Mark ate and played while we waited.

Day 253 - Wed.
I had to work Spirit Shop so I dropped Mark off at the Gs.  He just loves going over to play. This was him getting ready to leave.  He decided he wanted his flip-flops today.  I can just eat him up whole!

Sarah comes over to help out after school Mondays through Thursday.  Mark gets so sad every time she leaves.  Him looking out the window after she goes out the door.

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