Thursday, September 25, 2014

What We Did - Week 36

I'm not sure what it is, but I have been slacking on taking pictures.  I think it's just that I haven't really thought much about the blog lately.  It's been a tough couple of weeks as far as helping Michael with his schoolwork.  So much homework, so much pressure.  I sometimes forget that he's only 11.

He seriously spends at least 2 hours a day doing homework and practicing his trumpet.  And he does not get home from school until a little after 4pm. Add soccer practice during the week and that does not leave him a lot of time for anything else.

Anyway, I had planned on covering last week and the week before that, but that's not realistic, and I don't have pictures and my memory is shot. And Mark's been waking up before 8 which means no quiet time for this mama in the morning.  This is the first morning in a long time that I've been able to sit and write with no interruptions. 

Day 261 - Thur.
No picture.  I went to a Mom's Night Out with my moms' group at Cafe Italia.  We closed the place down.  Even though I haven't been in this group for very long, I always have so much fun with them.

Day 262 - Fri.
We went over to Grapevine Mills to walk around and window shop.  We stopped for lunch and Mark was so excited to go on the carousel.  He told me several times that he was, "so EXCITED!" I gave him $2 and he bought his own ticket and everything.  Such a big boy
Day 263 - Sat.
Matthew had baseball practice in the morning and we all went to Mooyah Burger for some lunch.  Michael was angry at me for something and DID NOT want to take pictures.  My other 2 were happy to oblige.  This "tween" attitude is killing me.

When we got home from lunch, Mark wanted to play outside.  He wanted to draw, then he switched to riding his scooter and then it was on to riding his trike. The day was so beautiful, but the mosquitos were still biting in full force.  I hate them!

Day 264 - Sun.
We didn't do anything that I can remember.  We probably just watched football. These boys were playing so well together.  Matthew was helping Mark with a game on Daddy's iPad.

Day 265 - Mon.
We had a playdate with Reagan at the Central Market playground and then headed off to Chick-fil-a for lunch with more playing at the indoor playground.  Mark was filthy by the time we were done.  Then I had to take him along with me to meet with a vendor for the Spirit Shop.  It was a busy day! But no pictures :-(

Day 266 - Tue.
We headed out to the Grapevine Library for story time. He loves story time.  We haven't been to one in a long time and I had forgotten how much he loves it.

After story time, we met up with some friends at the Chick-fil-a in Grapevine for some play time for Mark and some girl time for me.

Then we came home and played with blocks.  He wanted to do a selfie with our angry faces.
Day 267 - Wed.
I had Spirit Shop all morning so Mark went over to the Gs for some love.  Michael had a soccer game at 8pm in Dallas so it was a long day.  I stayed home with the other 2 boys, but they didn't want to go to bed until M and Michael were home.  No picture-obviously.

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