Monday, September 15, 2014

This Weekend

I'm so happy that it's getting cooler so I don't feel like I'm dying the second I step outside.  We had an uneventful weekend.  On Friday night, we didn't do much. Michael had to make up his trumpet lesson after school and by the time he was done, it was close to 5:30 so we decided to go and pick up some Babe's fried chicken for dinner. As usual, it was delicious.  Mark and Matthew love Babe's.  Michael was not into it.  He loves to eat the crispy skin, but not the actual chicken. On;y kid I know who will eat raw salmon, but not fried chicken.

Michael saw a pie shop next to Babe's and wanted to stop and get his Daddy a pie.  He picked out pecan pie-one of M's faves.

Matthew had baseball practice Saturday morning so I loaded him and Mark up and we went out to the ballpark for a little bit.  It was a little chilly, which was fine by me.  We actually had to wear a light jacket :-)

After we dropped Matthew off, I took Mark to do some grocery shopping.  He loves riding in the little car shopping cart.  I hate having to maneuver through the store with that thing, but it kept him from running around so I tolerated it.  He grabbed himself a few boxes of sweet stuff that I wouldn't normally get for them. I had the cashier put 2 boxes away and let him keep the rice krispies treats.

Then we had to hurry home to put the groceries away before we have to head out to Dallas for Michael's soccer game.  Jennie picked up Matthew from practice and kept him while we were at Michael's game.  Again, there was a nice chill in the air!

The team lost 3-0.  Boo, but I'm sure they will bounce back next game :-)

That evening, M and I had plans to go out to dinner in Dallas to celebrate our 13th year anniversary.  We ate at Lark in the Park - right next to Klyde Warren Park.  It was so nice to see people walking around and enjoying the beautiful weather. I had duck and M had steak. We shared a couple of appetizers and everything we got was delicious!

Sunday was a pretty lazy day.  We hung out at the house and the two older boys went and played with friends.  Mark was especially good today.  He took a great nap and was happy the whole day.

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