Sunday, June 22, 2014

Our Hawaii Vacation Week Two - Days 8 to 10

Day 8 -
M, my brother, the Gonzales, and Sandi went snorkeling/snuba-ing on a chartered boat so it was me, my parents, Nicole and the kiddos hanging out at the resort.  We spent the morning and afternoon walking around the resort, playing on the playground, and of course, swimming!

This was the last night that we were all going to be together for a while so it was a little sad. We grilled some burgers and hotdogs for dinner and the boys got to run around and play!  So fun!

Then we took it inside where Mark decided that he wanted to have a naked dance party. He was showing off and dancing around screaming, "I'm having a naked dance party!" Hilarious!

Day 9 -
A bittersweet day.  Everyone flew out today.  We were excited to be able to spend another week in paradise, but sad to see everyone leave.

After we checked out of the Marriott, we drove over to Kapalua and checked into the Ritz-Carlton.  Since the Gonzales weren't leaving until late afternoon, they came with us and after we put everything in our room, we went over to Cool Cat Cafe in Lahaina for our last lunch together in Maui :-(  But before they left for the airport, we all went to Ululanis' for some shaved ice.

We spent the rest of the day at the resort swimming and playing on the beach.

We walked over to Sansei for dinner after a long day of playing.  Kapalua has beautiful, towering pines trees. According to M, they are called Cook's Pine because Captain Cook brought these pine trees to Maui to make ship masts.  It makes sense because these pines grow so straight and tall.

Day 10 -
We had a cabana by the pool today because we wanted some shade.  For some reason, this resort does not have umbrellas poolside so if you want some shade, you've got to rent a cabana. All we did today was go swimming and lounge around. It was a perfect day!

I love these boys! Michael and Matthew were so good with Mark in the pool.

They are so sweet I can eat their faces off.

This is the view from our cabana.  Not bad...

Mark got cold after swimming so he wanted to be wrapped up with 2 towels. Then he laid there eating gummy bears, followed by a long nap.  It was a tough day for him :-)

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