Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Our Hawaii Vacation Week One - Day One

We just got back from one of the best vacations ever! I don't even know where to start. I figure the best way to organize it is to go week by week.

Day One -
Here we go! We flew out of DFW and the flight was on time. We even got to Maui a little early.  Yippee!!!

I have to say again that my kiddos are great flyers.  Matthew slept most of the flight and Michael and Mark were so well-behaved.  We always get compliments from the flight attendants on how good they are.  It just makes it so much easier to go on vacation with them.

After we checked into the Westin on our first day, we decided to go to the pool and got a pleasant surprise.  My sissy and her fiancĂ© were there already too.

After a little bit of swimming, we all went out to dinner at Leilani's in Whaler's Village.

This was our view at dinner - one of the many awesome sunsets we saw.

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