Monday, July 01, 2013

Pool Party!

Matthew had his birthday pool party this Saturday.  It was so much fun!  The kids played and played in the pool and it was nice for me to catch up with the other moms.

It was a pretty laid back party with no agenda really except for swim, hot gods, burgers, and cake. M did a great job being the "runner." We had the party at the neighborhood pool across the street because it was much bigger than our pool and had a nice, large shaded patio. We had to make a few food trips and M was all over it.  Plus, he cleaned everything up after the party while I chatted with the other moms.

I didn't get any pictures mainly because I forgot.  This was the only picture I got, but it pretty much captured the mood.  Everyone was having fun at being silly!

Unintended benefit?  Mark napped for 4 hours after the party. Best nap on record!

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