Monday, November 12, 2012

A Lot About Nothing

Well hello, cold weather.  Thanks for finally joining us right in time for an upcoming weekend of soccer tournament OUTSIDE. Your timing in impeccable.

This is going to be a busy, busy week - again. I just need the school to not try and pack everything in right before a week-long break, but those PTO moms are a clever bunch.  Yes, they are.  Is it a coincidence that they would schedule Grandparents day the same week of Book Fair? Oh by the way- since y'all are here, why not pick out an "angel" that's so conveniently laid out for you in the lobby? Everybody is doing it...

And my parents are coming to visit for ten whole days!  We are so excited for them.  Michael and Matthew has been counting down the days every morning at breakfast.  This morning Matthew said he wishes today was Wednesday. Then Michael asked if he could have early dismissal from school to pick up his grandparents.  I said they wouldn't be here until 6.  He said I should pick them up from school early anyway so they can prepare for the arrival.

We had a really nice, warm weekend.  On Saturday, M and I dropped Mark off at the in-laws and took the boys and our neighbor, Luc to see "Wreck it Ralph." It was sooo good.  I loved it! It was creative, clever, and the story and characters were just so great. One of the most imaginative animated movies since "Monsters, Inc."

Sunday was pretty laid back.  It was rainy day so we spent the day watching football and reading. BTW-I finally got a card from our public library after 2 years of living here. What a great place.  Not only is it a great place to borrow books, but they have reading programs and art class for the kids for FREE.  I love me some FREE. I took the boys to an origami class Friday night.  They didn't really like it, but I'm glad they gave it a try.

Oh, and I got a verbal offer on a job! Tentatively schedule to start on December 3rd.  I'm hoping to get a written offer early this week.  Ironically, I have an interview for a position at my former company tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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