Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Book Parade & Boosterthon-Oh My

Last week was a very busy week for us. Here's the Cliff Notes version and this does not include Mark's birthday post.  That's to come because I think I need to put a little thought into it.  We went for his 1-year check-up and we were referred to a pediatric surgeon-nothing serious, but something we need to take care of.  More details to come on his check-up post.

But here's what's been happening.  Last Wednesday, the boys had a book parade at their school which they do every year.  The kids get to dress up as a character from one of their favorite books.  Michael went as a ninja from the Magic Treehouse series "Night of the Ninja" and Matthew dressed up as Jack from the same series titled "Dolphins at Daybreak."

On Friday, the kids had the Boosterthon Fun Run to raise money for their school.  It was a great event to get the kids moving and it teaches them some really great lessons, but after 3 years, it's getting to be a chore to get pledges. By pledges, I mean from me and M.  I don't like asking others to pledge. But it was a beautiful day to be out there and Mark had fun watching his big bros!

Matthew's run started at 9:30 and Michael's race started at 10:30 so I was there most of the day with Mark.  He did great at the first race.  He stayed in his stroller almost the whole time.  During Michael's race, it was a different story.  He wanted out and he wanted to get into everything!  He was trying to pull the flags out, and he loved sneaking away to pick up the cones that marked the track.

Lining up to start...

And he's off!  Well, sort of.  Matthew ran maybe 3 laps altogether. He walked most of it and was not enthusiastic walking.  It was, "so I really have to do this?" walking.

Mark trying to pull out the flags

Matthew's silly class picture

Michael's turn to run..

 Posing for pictures with friends

Watching from inside the track

Michael's class picture

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