Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Things My Boys Say

I just want to record a few thing the boys said in the past couple of days that I don’t want to forget.

After he lost his first tooth-
“I can’t believe the Tooth Fairy gave me $20 for a tiny little tooth.”

Monday morning when we were waiting for the bus and Michael was walking on the ice-covered retaining wall-
“Michael, don’t do that. You’ll fall and have to go to the doctor and then I won’t have anyone to play with.”

“Mom, you are not going to be happy. I got a frowny today in my folder.”
Me: What did you do?
Matthew: It’s not my fault. Preston made me talk when we were supposed to be reading.”

He was playing upstairs yesterday, he came down pouting. I asked him what’s wrong and he said, “Everyone is disrespecting me and talking while I’m trying to play.”

Yesterday, I asked him to pick his shoes up and put them in the laundry room for the next morning. With some whining he does and says, “all the things I do for this house!”

This morning, we only had enough Cocoa Pebbles for one person so I suggest that they split it and mix in some Cheerios. At first, Michael was opposed to it because he said dad told him he can have the last of the Cocoa Pebbles. Then he changed his mind and said to Matthew, “Fine, but don’t expect me to be this nice to you when you lose your baby fat!”

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