Monday, January 10, 2011


Wow, what a weekend. The best way to describe this weekend is eventful. Some good, some not so good. Saturday, Michael and I started our morning early. We went to Barnes and Noble to pick him up a couple of new books because he received the “Dragon” for doing a great job and staying “above task” at school. He was so proud and I’m so proud. We’ve come a long way from the beginning of the school year when we had a “special” conference with his teacher about looking into the possibility of him having ADHD.

Then we headed to Starbucks to get him a hot chocolate. It was very nice to have our one-on-one time. I don’t remember what we talked about, but I remember being very happy to just be with him and have him answer my questions with more than an “I don’t know.” I think I will make this a regular thing; schedule one-on-one time with my kiddos.

After that afternoon, I went to a baby shower for a friend. She is having a baby girl and I am very happy for her. It was so nice to buy pink and be surrounded by pink. It was a small gathering and the cake was beautiful. I must remember to ask for her baker’s number.

I did not get home until close to 7pm so I was very relieved that M’s dad brought over pizza! No cooking for me.

Sunday morning was spent waiting for the snowstorm. We had plans have lunch with Heather and her family, but we decided to reschedule because we were afraid the roads might get treacherous. Weatherman said it was suppose to start at noon, so I got myself out to the grocery store for the weekly supply of lunch items early in the morning. IN.THE.FREEZING.RAIN. Those little stinkers better appreciate.

When the snow did come, it was less than we expected or predicted. It snowed for a few hours and it was really pretty, but not much stuck. It didn’t matter. I got the boys all bundled up and we went outside anyway. There was enough snow on the ground for a few snowballs and short snowball fight so the boys were happy!

Then we had to get ready for Matthew’s soccer game, if you can call it that. Let’s say they stop keeping score at 0-8. In favor of the other team. Yes, it was a very bad loss, but Matthew did not care. He was not into soccer that day.

Those were the highlights. Here are a couple of notable lowlights (for memory's sake):

1. Toilet got clogged. Found out this morning that the sewer was actually clogged so it all leaked into to flowerbeds in our front yard. YUCK! Luckily for me, M was home to clean it up. Luckily for him, plumber was able to fix everything for $60. Thank you home warranty insurance!

2. M washed Matthew’s pants that he had an accident in with other clothes so everything smelled like poop. M is still working on trying to get the smell out. NOT PRETTY.

So, I guess I can summarize this with M being in deep doo-doo! Ha, Ha…

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